Thursday, April 18, 2019

Tech Tip Thursday: QR codes and Forms

Being a 1 to 1 iPad teacher has made me the biggest fan of using QR Codes and Forms. I use both tools separately and together seamlessly. Today I'd like to share some of the ways I use them both. Below in the comments tell me some ways you use them.

QR Codes
A QR code, short for quick response code, is a machine-readable code that can be easily scanned by any electronic device with a camera. QR codes have a wide range of uses from stores use for advertisement to individuals using it to give out their contact information. There are so many possibilities since you can use QI codes to access a URL, save contact information to a phone, send a text message, send an email, display text, display a Facebook button, display a PDF, play a MP3 file, open an app in the app store, play an audio file, or display images.

I find QR Code helpful when creating instant feedback center activities or rotation stations. I love that I can have students to scan for feedback. I have even tried my hand at given feedback as a voice clip.

A Google Form is a web-based app ran by Google used to create forms to collect data. You have the option of displaying that dat in a spreadsheet. Google Forms are free and can be used for a wide range of uses. You can create polls, surveys, quizzes, and much more using Google Forms. I use forms for surveys, self-reflection, pre-view activities, checks for understanding, reteaching, and assessments. A unique way I use Forms are for "Choose Your Own Adventure" style review.

QR Codes and Forms
What do you get when you combine QR codes and Forms? I'll answer that for you. You get complete awesomeness that runs as well as a well oiled machine. Combining the two tools makes completing some tasks more seamless. They can also come in handing if you do not have a one to one class like myself but you have to check out devices to use in your class. How much do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

  1. Discipline for Students: You can have students scan a code to complete a form as they reflect on their behavior.
  2. Discipline for Teachers: Create a unique code that you scan and it notify the parents upon completion of the form.
  3. Passes: Have students complete a form when they are given permission to leave the class.
  4. Tardies: Have students scan and complete a form upon enter the class tardy.
  5. Tracking: You can tracking behaviors, pass usage, etc.
  6. Warm Ups: Have students scan and complete a form for warm up.
  7. Notifying Parents: You can use a unique QR code each student or a generic form that will notify parents each time you complete it.
  8. Checking Books Out: You can have students scan a code to check out books from your class library.
  9. Feedback: Use QR Codes to give feedback for behaviors, projects, papers, etc.
  10. Classroom Observations: Scan a code for the teacher then complete the form that they will then have access to.
  11. Lunch Count: Have students scan then choose a lunch choice. You be able to quickly check the numbers on the response tab.
  12. Event Registration: Use a QR code for access to the form for event registration.
  13. Activity Checkin: Use a QR code for access to the form for activity check in.
  14. Digital Gallery Walks: Students can create a code that give access to their product in a form. Students can view the product then give feedback in the form.
  15. Scavenger Hunt: Scan a code for the clue that will send students to the next code.
  16. Collecting information: Use a code with a form to collect information from students or parents. Parents can even scan the code at him to complete the form.
  17. Late Work Submissions: Now that you can submit attachments to Forms, students can scan a code to turn in a make up work.
  18. Assignment Submission: Students can scan to submit an assignment. They can submit to one form on a different form based on the assignment. Warm Up Form, Journal Form, Homework Form, etc.
  19. Parking Lot: Have students submit comments and questions to a Form via scanning a code while you are teaching or working in small groups. Address questions when convenient or at the end of class.
  20. Sign Up Sheet: Use to sign up for an event. Use multiple codes for multiple events. 
  21. Input: Use QR codes to get input on a topic.
  22. Professional Development sharing: Use a QR Code for sharing and give all access to the results in Google Sheets.
  23. Preview Activity: Use a code to gain insight from students as they preview upcoming materials. You can set up stations with codes to scan.
  24. Brainstorming: Use a QR Code for brainstorming and give all access to the results in Google Sheets.
  25. Collecting Data at Stations: If you are collecting data, use a code to collect it and share with data via Google Sheets allowing students to analyze it and decide how to display it.
  26. Scheduling: Use limited time slots with forms for schedule. Once a slot is filled it will be removed from the form.
  27. Lesson Plans: Code can be scan to complete plans as a team or can be used to access plans and give feedback via a form.
  28. Rubric: Create a rubric for a project and scan the code to complete the rubric and give feedback to students. Have students code your form and create their own unique code to receive feedback instantly after it has been graded.
  29. Evaluations: Use codes with Forms to share evaluation notes.
  30. Digital Breakout: Have the students scan codes in multiple areas and crack the code to go to the next code for the next challenge until all challenges are completed.

Tell me in the comments how you use QR Codes and Forms together.

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  3. Curious - can a QR code be coded with student info that can pre-load into different forms, or would I need a QR to prefill that is unique per student per instance?