Sunday, December 31, 2017

My One Word for 2018

Last year I was inspired by Rachel of @historicalipad to set goals for 2017 and choose my one word that would inspire me for the new year. Last year my one word was consistency. With consistency I hoped to achieve my goals for 2017. So here I go again with my #oneword2018. My one word for the new year is GROWTH.  

Growth is the process of growing or increasing in size. There are several things in my life that will benefit from growth or that I would love to grow.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Tech Tip Thursday: Bitmojis

Have you ever thought about personalizing your class presentations, activities, or rules? Ever needed to express a feeling that may take too many words to express verbally? Do you want to grasp your students’ attention and make connections with them? Want to be the “cool” teacher on the team or hall? There’s a bitmoji for that!