Friday, June 9, 2017

Getting "Social" in the Classroom

Getting "Social" in the Classroom
Students are always eager to make connections with school and teachers outside of school, but there is a spotlight on keeping those connections appropriate. This year in my class I've incorporated social media into my classroom to allow students to make those connections outside of school. I have a class Instagram page and twitter hashtag that I've been using. Students can share with me or see what's new by following the hashtag. It took me almost the entire school year to relinquish some of my control a bit and allow students to post to the class social media outlets.

My job tags. The coffee cups are seat numbers. Jobs are assigned by seat locations. Job assignments change daily.

Allowing students to somewhat "run" these accounts were always the plan but sometimes it is hard for me to let go of some of the control. I created nifty tags to assign different jobs daily to students. Tweeter and Instagram photographers are included on the possible jobs list. This year I utilized the Tweet Master and Instagram Photograph. I set up a team Youtube page that I plan to use next year and I'm thinking hard about a class SnapChat. SnapChat will the hardest for because I do not fully understand it's purpose but my students love it and it given the opportunity to teach me about something. My Tweet Master is supposed to summarize the lesson, pose a questions, or tweet something that they learned or thought was pretty cool. The Instagram Photograph post cool pictures from class with a caption. When I post, I post about the lesson, inspirational repost, and I pose questions and give prizes to the students who comments with the correct answer first. I'd love to do more student create video as review, explanation, or a Vlog.

Check out my class social media feeds:
  • #mathinroom202 on Twitter: I used a hashtag instead of setting up an account. Students will be to use the hashtag from their own accounts.
  • @MathinRoom202 on Instagram: I actually created an account on Instagram. I sometimes post questions and give prizes out. I also post student work and notes for the day.
Other examples for classroom uses of Social Media:
  • A book talk twitter chat.
  • Twitter chat study session OR chapter review.
  • Instagram survey with using emojis for different responses.
  • Weekly/Unit rewind Youtube video to wrap up the content and highlight the most important things

What does this look like in a classroom?
  • Of course I post things but in class students access to a "Master" that I have social media apps on. 
  • They know my expectations and what is appropriate/inappropiate. 
  • Students what the last 5-10 minutes of class to post if it is their job in place of the exit ticket that the rest of the class is completing.
  • Students end each post with their first name and last initial.

Things to keep in mind:
  • Parents must be aware and kept in the loop.
  • Students must be taught your expectations and the guidelines. You may have to model what this looks like.
  • Students must see examples of what to do AND what not to do.
  • You must trust that your students will make good choices.
  • And if your students do not make good choices, you must have consequence already outlined.

In closing, I've got awesome feedback from my students about the Classroom Social Media outlets.

"I really like the class instagram page, because it is fun to follow and answer the questions that you post." -Gabby

"It's cool" -Jhay

"I haven't really kept up 😬 Sorry, I've just been grounded, but otherwise for what I have seen of it, I feel like it's fun." -Jessica

"I feel like it is a smart thing to do because kids like social media and that is a way to put school into social media." -Connor

"It's a good idea because then we can see how others do their work and we can learn from them." -Micheal

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